BlackBerry Q10 - Downloading and installing Android apps from other sources

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Downloading and installing Android apps from other


In addition to using BlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore to download apps and games, you can also get Android

apps and games from various third-party websites and mobile market apps. Most websites and mobile market apps include

an installation button that appears after you download an Android app file. You can also install an app file by opening it in

the File Manager app on your BlackBerry device.
If you can't find an app file that you downloaded, you can search for the app name in the File Manager app. Most Android

apps include the file name extension .apk. To search for all the Android app files that you downloaded, try searching the

File Manager app for .apk.
Apps that you install from sources other than BlackBerry World might not be reviewed by BlackBerry. These apps might

pose a risk to your device and personal data. You should only install apps from trusted sources.
While most apps designed for Android smartphones can be installed and opened on BlackBerry devices, some apps might

make use of services that are not supported by BlackBerry 10 OS. BlackBerry 10 OS might also replace these services with

alternate services (such as mapping services).
If you don't want to accept these potential risks and limitations, you should not install apps from sources other than

BlackBerry World.