BlackBerry Q10 - Change options for text messages

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Change options for text messages

In the BlackBerry Hub, tap


> Text Messages.

• To receive a notification when your sent text messages are delivered or read, under SMS or MMS, turn on the Confirm

Delivery switch or the Confirm Read switch.

• To allow other devices to see when you receive or read a text message with an attachment, under MMS, turn on the

Allow Delivery Confirmation switch or the Allow Read Confirmation switch.

• To block unwanted MMS messages, under MMS, turn on the Reject Anonymous Messages switch or the Reject

Advertisements switch.

• To stop receiving MMS messages while roaming, under MMS, in the Auto Retrieval Mode drop-down list, tap Home


• To disable word substitution, turn off the Enable Word Substitution switch.
• To only send text messages when you tap the send icon, turn off the Use Enter Key To Send switch.

User Guide

BlackBerry Hub and email


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• To change the background color of text message conversations, turn the Dark Background switch on or off.