BlackBerry Q10 - Change the settings for automatic stories

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Change the settings for automatic stories

You can change the settings to improve the automatic stories that your BlackBerry device generates. Turning on
geotagging and adding your home address helps your device group pictures and videos together in a logical way. For
example, when you turn on geotagging, your device can generate stories based on where pictures and videos were taken.


In the Pictures app, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap



Do any of the following:
• To add geotags to your pictures, tap Turn On Geotagging. Turn on the Geotag Pictures switch.
• To add your home address, in the Maps application, tap

> My Places. Tap

> Add Home. Enter your

address. In the Pictures application, tap

. Tap an address.

• To set your home radius, in the Home Radius field, enter a distance.