BlackBerry Q10 - Change or view app permissions

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Change or view app permissions

For some apps, if you turn off permissions, the app might not work as you expect. If an app isn’t working as you expect it to,
consider turning on some or all of the app permissions.
The Run When Minimized application permission setting lets an app continue performing tasks after you minimize the app
on your BlackBerry device.To help extend the life of your battery, consider turning off the Run When Minimized permission
for apps on your device.


On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.



Settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions.

• To view permissions for a particular app, tap an app.
• To view which apps use a particular permission, in the Permissions drop-down list, tap the permission.


To turn on or turn off a permission, tap the switch.


Restart your device for the change to take effect.