BlackBerry Q10 - Setting security permissions for apps

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Setting security permissions for apps

BlackBerry 10 OS includes application permissions that are designed to let you control the information and features that an

application can access on your BlackBerry device. For example, you can control whether an app can access your email,

contacts, pictures, or the location of your device. Keep in mind that some applications require specific permissions to work.

You can also help safeguard your device by downloading apps only from trusted sources, such as the BlackBerry World

When you open an app for the first time, your device might display a list of the files and features that the app wants to

access. If something doesn't seem right to you, you can reject the app's request to access an item. For example, you might

download a game that requests access to your messages, which might make sense if the game includes a feature to share

your game score. However, if you aren't comfortable with the game having the ability to compose and view your email

messages, you can turn off access to messages or delete the app. You can view or change permissions for most apps in

your device settings.

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For some apps, when you install the app, you are prompted to accept or decline all of the requested permissions. If you

decline, the prompt will appear again the first time you open the app. You can't change the application permissions later

unless you delete and reinstall the app.