BlackBerry Q10 - Troubleshooting: Internet tethering

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Troubleshooting: Internet tethering
I can't use Internet tethering

• Check that your BlackBerry device is connected to the mobile network. If

appears in the upper-right corner of the

home screen, then your device is connected to the mobile network.

• Check that your wireless service plan is set up to use Internet tethering. If not, you need to change your service plan

before you can use Internet tethering.

• If your wireless service plan supports Internet tethering while roaming, on the Settings > Networks and Connections >

Mobile Network settings screen, check that the Data Services switch is on and the option in the Data services while
roaming drop-down list is set to On.

• If you're using your device for work, your organization might not allow the use of Internet tethering. For more

information, check with your administrator.