BlackBerry Q10 - Send a file using NFC

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Send a file using NFC

The NFC feature might not be available, depending on your wireless service provider, your administrator's settings, and
your BlackBerry device model.
With NFC, you can exchange many kinds of files, including pictures, music, contact info, and even webpages, between
your BlackBerry device and other NFC-enabled devices. Your device automatically establishes a Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth
connection with the other NFC-enabled device to transfer files.


On your BlackBerry device do any of the following:
• To send a single file, find and open a file.
• To send multiple files, find and highlight the files that you want to send. Tap

> NFC.


Align the back of your BlackBerry device with an NFC-enabled device.


If necessary, tap Send.

Tip: After your device starts to send the file, move your device away from the other NFC-enabled device so you don't
accidentally send the file more than once.

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